World’s first: German circus replaces animals with stunning holograms!


Wow! I am blown away!

Amazing! It is so much better than using abused live animals. Handful of applause!

I would really love to see this performance live myself. It is pure magic! It would be also really great to see not only actual animals, but some mythological creatures too. Fortunately, modern technologies give such possibilities.

The fight for animal rights has been actual for many years. Some people absolutely love visiting zoos and circuses, and think that animals are created to entertain us.

Others, on the contrary, fight for animals’ freedom and against all the places where animals are captives.

So, this German circus decided to make their first step towards animal free performances. They have found the way to remain popular among their visitors and to attract animal rights activists.

Instead of animal performances they started to use amazing animal-themed holograms.

These light shows became a great innovation in the circus sphere and now the Circus Roncalli is ready to inspire other circuses to refuse using animals in their performances.

A team of professionals works hard on each performance. They use 11 projectors to display the show in 360o, so that the audience could enjoy it from every corner of the hall.

It is useless to say that animal rights activists are happy to congratulate the circus for such important changes, and they call Circus Roncalli as a role model for other circuses.

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