Where is the cheapest property in Europe?


For your attention my complete list of countries where it is profitable to buy housing:


The average cost per square meter is not more than 500 euros, and the average transaction price is 25,000 and 40,000 euros. However, you can find a more profitable option. For example, the area of ​​Sunny Beach.

Here an apartment of 32 square meters costs up to 8000 euros. Apartments in Nessebar or Pomorie cost about 15,000 euros.


In the north-eastern part of Estonia, on the border with the Russian Federation, for example in Kohtla-Järve, an apartment will cost you only 3,000 euros.

It is noteworthy that among the local population 80% of Russians. Therefore, our people often refuse to purchase housing in Estonia for the reluctance of such a neighborhood.


If you have looked after a one-room apartment in Riga, then prepare 25,000 euros. In Jurmala – the issue price is 30-40 000 euros.

However, it happens that ten minutes from the beach you can buy a three-room apartment for 33,000 euros.


All available options for the purchase of real estate in Montenegro are geographically located along the coast.

The price range of tiny apartments, for example in a place called Sutomore, starts from 23,000 euros. The studio will cost 30,000 euros.


In the area of ​​Torrevieja, 300 meters from the beach, you can buy a small studio for 23,000 euros, with such offers the Spanish real estate market is abundant. And there is something to choose from.

For comparison: in Kiev, mainly one-room apartments are bought up to $ 30 thousand. In the suburbs – $ 20-25 thousand. The area of ​​such apartments is up to 50 square meters.

In new buildings, about 50% are one-room apartments. These can be apartments of 70 square meters. Then there is the opportunity to rebuild the housing in two rooms.