WELCOME HOME DADDY: Soldiers Homecoming Surprise!


This video will melt your heart! Am not crying ????????????my face is just leaking

Heartwarming and just beautiful video that is ???????????? even if my dad went to work I couldn’t wait for him to get back ???? no judging please! Really best moment ????… Now I’m 20 years old still miss my dad???? my tears won’t stop ???? So heartwarming ❤????❤ God bless these wonderful men and women who leave their children in order to serve and protect. At the risk of offending some by saying this, I do keep our service people in my prayers.

I remember the film: Roaring twenties! The unique atmosphere of jazz, the noise of internal combustion engines, automobile horns and the radiance of electric signage lamps transforming night into day. Time of economic growth and confidence in the bright future.

The creators of the picture show us the other side of this era, where the Dry Law came into its own. In the shade of the luminous windows, behind the closed doors of underground drinking establishments, illegal business is flourishing, and its echoes are more and more heard in the streets of cities echoing automatic bursts.

The story of Eddie Barlett is a tragic story. Acquaintance with it the spectator begins in the far trenches of the First World, from where the American soldiers are impatient to return as soon as possible and start a normal, human life on their native land. But what can the native land give to thousands of young people who returned? Nothing. It was in such a bleak post-war New York for the veteran that the main character arrives. Long and unsuccessful search for work, a general increase in prices, lack of housing. All this was waiting for a lone soldier at home. Not lasting long on an even earnings, Eddie, by his own inexhaustibility, comes into conflict with the law. Finally believing in the opportunity to live, as before, Barlett loses seeing the cynical violation of the law by those who condemned him.

So, he discovers a time of great opportunities, when the money lies on the ground and they just need to be raised. The main thing is bending over them. Eddie does not hesitate to raise this money. It is from here that the story of the impetuous rise and everything that he brings on his tail begins. The naive faith in honesty and justice is quickly replaced by business excitement and craving for the luxuries of a wealthy life. This is noticed by everyone except the main character. On the contrary, he tries to be true to his convictions, not taking on the service of unblemished people and negatively treating the use of violence. However, once set foot on this path, it is impossible not to obey the existing rules. A good guy, a former auto mechanic and soldier, found an easy way to big money. And gradually they tempted him. Too much has become possible, but instead of that, the human thing that was in it depreciated.

The death of a friend, the betrayal of a companion, the reasons for the refusal of a beloved girl to marry him, despite all the expensive gifts and patronage, do not fit into his head. “Soldier of a dream” would understand this, but now he’s a bootlegger.

Balancing between nobility and crimes, the hero goes to a completely predictable finale. But, having lost everything, he finds the courage to act at the behest of conscience. He admits to himself that everything has changed and the lost can not be returned. But you can help others.

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