Viral video: Police officer dad ‘pulls over’ 10-month-old daughter


What an adorable video!

That is exactly what I needed to watch after a difficult day! This video made me smile a lot! Absolutely adorable baby and dad!

The 10-month-old girl from the video below faced this problem after her dad, who is also a police officer, decided to playfully pull her over.

Police officers must always remember that rules are the same for everybody.

One day Alex Kipp, the police officer from Orlando, was returning home after a long working day when he saw his beloved daughter Talynn breaking traffic rules.

Dad loves his little princess very much, but he also remembers that his job requires responsibility, and he just couldn’t ignore that fact that Talynn was driving on the wrong side of the road.

As it is said in the set of rules officer Kipp stopped the driver. He followed the usual procedure and asked the little driver for her registration and driving license.

This situation brought Talynn lots of joy, and she was really amused. The officer wasn’t very strict as it was the first time the little driver was caught breaking the traffic rules. So, he let her off giving her a warning.

Now, Talynn will remember for the whole life which side of the road she must drive her car.
Fortunately for us all that adorable and funny moment was caught on camera and then shared by the police department.

The video went immediately viral and thousands of viewers were absolutely charmed with the adorable little rules breaker.

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