When a 105-year-old grandfather meets his great-grandson for the first time, everyone is crying with emotion!


Few people manage to live to an impressive 105 years, but Pop Zvolak from California was lucky.

Despite the fact that during his long life, Pop has seen a lot, something happened to him for the first time last year.

The granddaughter of Pop, Susan, gave birth to a son. The boy, named Easton James Zwolk, was born on April 2, 2017, and after 5 days Susan took her son to visit his 105-year-old great-grandfather.

At first, Pop was nervous and did not dare to take the baby in his arms. He was afraid that he could drop a crumb.

But when Susan herself put the boy in her grandfather’s arms, Pop was incredibly happy to meet the newborn.

Easton was completely calm in the hands of his great-grandfather, and when his mother took him back, he immediately began to cry.

After Susan realized how much their meeting for Pop meant, she and her husband began visiting her great-grandfather several times a week.

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