Watch a three-year-old’s dream come true: the small girl saw the train for the first time!


Remember what is was like to be this excited? Tiny Madeleine Dubois was simply beside herself with joy when she got her third birthday wish – her first train ride.

For this cute pretty girl today is a special day – joyful and exciting, the day she waited so long.

Together with her father, she came to the station, where for the first time in her life she would see a train.

Train arrival made an indelible impression on the child… The girl loudly expresses her joy and surprise at meeting with yet another phenomenon of this huge and yet for her full of amazing discoveries of the world.

It is these emotions – sincere and direct – that delight the audience most of all.

It’s amazing how ordinary things for an adult person seem to children to be a great miracle!

It is a pity that the ability to perceive so over the years irrevocably disappears ….

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