TWIN BABIES: The FUNNIEST and CUTEST video you’ll see today!


Aw too cute ???????????????????????? This is so cute ???????? I love babies especially twins ???????????????????????? Adroable twin babies compilation will make your positive day.

Here is a kid’s funny story: Asked to play with the child, so that I could calmly cook the soup, so I have closed up in the kitchen. After a while I hear – “First-first, I am the second. Changing the guard! “And so infinitely long, alternating with chased steps.

Then, in a noisy voice: “Daaaaaad, I’m tired, can I sit here for a while.” I look – my husband sleeps safely on the couch, Valentine (3 years) in full uniform (raincoat, helmet, gun, sword) marches from one end of the sofa to another, reports to himself. What are you doing?- I asked, –  My dad and I play the King of Sofa!

Daughter, 14, categorically did not want to clean the room. Already how many times we spoke with her, she swore but no result. One day during dinner my husband, without taking his eyes off the television, uttered:

“Daughter, we decided with your mother that I’ll clean up your room now.”
The daughter can not believe the happiness. The husband continues casually:
“Tomorrow I’ll start raking up your table, fixing your bed, raking up your cupboard.” I’m sure I will not find anything unusual))

Here the face of the daughter sharply varies with ^ _ ^ to O_O, the soup has gone out through her nose. For a month she kept the room in perfect purity.

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