Photoshoot with ADORABLE Newborn IDENTICAL TWINS! Video

Aww this was sooooo beautiful ????❤️ Oh my goodness! What a beautiful photoshoot. Those babies are gorgeous. ????

It makes me so happy when we have newborn twins photoshoot, you know how much I love babies 🙂

This is so cute!!!!! it’s so nice to see all their expressions that the camera catches that aren’t caught on the pictures hahaha, just can’t take all that adorableness. I was wondering about it happens a lot when the babies poop, and then what do you do with your props if stuff gets dirty, just change to another set? How adorable ❤❤❤ i never knew that even a new born baby can be clicked sooooo nicely???????????? Aww there face expressions they make they keep giving her henios

How it can be they were not crying? Good job you handle a lot ???????????????????? They were so observant!! Opening their eyes and to look around at each other! More than just photography, what I loved about your work is your subjects. You are so good with the babies. The mother must be glad to have handed over her newborns to you! ????????

Shooting babies is a very delicate and difficult occupation for a photographer. Parents are very sensitive to their children, especially during this period. In addition, in our society there are still a lot of prejudices: someone is afraid of the evil eye, someone believes in various signs. Dare to take such a survey is not every family, and often between the parents and the photographer has already established a trusting relationship – mainly due to previous shooting experiments.  Some of babies, for example, can barely turn three weeks old.

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