Funny, but touching: dad helped his son blow out the candle on the cake!


“We had a quick celebration the morning of our son’s 2nd birthday before my husband went off to work for the day, and our son was having some trouble blowing out his birthday candle.” – mom wrote in the description under the video

Birthday is a celebration of childhood …

As sung in one popular song. A long-awaited day has come for a little boy. Parents prepared for him a real surprise – a cake with a candle.

But the trouble is, the boy could not manage to put out the candle. What to do. As he did not try, he did not succeed. And then the clever father of the family came up with a way out of this situation.

He brought a pipe and directed it to the candle. The boy blew into the tube and in an instant he extinguished the light.

This is the real dad!!!

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