5 FUNNIEST Reasons KIDS Called 911 (Funny & Adorable 911 Calls)


Al these calls are probably a great way to destress these 911 operators. These calls probably made their day 🙂

Today we will be looking at the funniest reasons kids called 911. These are some extremely funny and cute 911 calls that you won’t want to miss! Last one was fucking awesome or so far so good ????❤ when my sister was 4, she called 911 because she couldnt find her chicken nuggets and she was accusing my mom of eating them and a policeman came with mcdonalds chicken nuggets and reminded her to only call 911 in emergencies My great grandson called because he was lonely and bored, and wanted someone to talk to. (he really did this!!) Boy, was his dad pi – – ed off.!! ????

 Quite a few years ago when I came home from work, my wife told me that the phone wasn’t working. This was before cellphones and all I could do was ask neighbours to use their phone. But before I did that, someone knocked on the door and introduced himself as being the chief of the local fire department. Apparently my 5 year old son had been ringing them repeatedly and asked if they had a good sleep… So, the had to cut the line to do their job. When they had an open day, we were invited and my son was hiding in a closet with embarrassment, go figure.

Wow that last little girl is creepy poised an in control. She’s going places ???????????? the first one was so cute ???????? “you said to call somebody!” “I DIDNT MEAN THE POLICE” ????????????❤ The last one was really sweet and hilarious OMG that last little girl “they know about it” when the dispatcher says she needs to know more about it. “They’re busy.” I felt like the dispatcher was a bit of a BI*ch! She had no heart. Sure it’s serious for the kid to tie up the phone with nonsense but come on it’s cute!

I actually did call them for a dumb reason when I was in like 3rd grade I wanted to see to call for fun so they answered I breathed on the phone and then hung up. but then they called again so I ended up picking it up and breathing again and then hanging up again . Two minutes later passed and then they were at the door and I literally almost crapped my pants cuz I was that scared. My parents answered the door. I was so dead and as me being a little kid i ended up saying it was my little brother???????????? now I feel bad for him but my parents ended up finding out so in trouble xD Edit: yeah it was too long that I made a mistake xD

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