Video: Little princesses against brutal bikers. Unique social experiment!


The video touched me to tears! How wonderful that children are so sincere and kind. They can win over even the most callous and brutal biker.

At first glance, these men are an impenetrable rock of brutality.

Just look: a lot of tattoos, pretentious facial expression and stern look. Any adult would have thought a hundred times before meeting such a guy.

The fact is that we constantly fill our heads with different stereotypes about and for no reason. And not always the appearance can tell us enough about the man himself. This is just the “tip of the iceberg”, and what is hidden behind the image cannot always be recognized immediately.

We need to talk more with such a person, and perhaps you will recognize him from a completely different side and will be pleasantly surprised.

Children are always very sincere and do not create any additional difficulties. But all of us are still children deep down! Another thing is that we hide this child somewhere deep in ourselves.

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