Video: Elephant plays football using a turtle, and the reptile does not have time to escape! So funny!


This is the moment an elephant appeared to play football with a TORTOISE!

Seemingly frustrated at how slow the tortoise was moving, the impatient elephant gave it more than a nudge as it kicked the tortoise across a field in South Africa.

After being given the boot by the elephant the shell-shocked tortoise can be seen attempting to run away.

But without speed on its side the tortoise was unable to move out of the way quick enough and the elephant continued to hurry it along with its hooves.

Despite being used as a football by the giant mammal the tortoise seemed to escape unscathed.

What exactly made the elephant do this to the unfortunate reptile is unknown. Perhaps he simply did not understand why the turtle walks so slowly, and decided to help her by pushing with his foot …

Anyway, the unfairly offended turtle still managed to escape and leave the “football field” unharmed.

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