Very Cute Video: Bulldog Growing Up with Little Girl!


A man made a whole video about how his beloved dog and daughter are growing for two years

The girl was given the best present for her first birthday. The baby was presented with a tiny bulldog when she was only a year old.

The dog and the child are very funny and kind to each other.

Watching this touching friendship, the baby’s dad decided to record a time-lapse video in which he collected the funniest moments of their pastime.

Now the girl is almost three years old, like the bulldog itself.

When watching a video, it seems that they always do everything together: walk, play, crawl on the floor, sleep in the same bed, and most importantly, take care of each other.

Everything is allowed for the girl: the dog rides the baby on a bicycle, on his back and even allows him to sit on his head, and from time to time, sacrificing himself, allows the baby to paint herself with felt-tip pens.

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