Unsuspecting girl caught on camera adorably singing Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene’


She is so sweet!

I’m cuteness overloaded! This is the best cover of “Jolene” I have ever heard! Thank you for sharing this beautiful video!

Dolly Parton has admitted herself that “Jolene” is the one of her most popular songs and it has the biggest number of covers.

It is estimated that this song about Jolene was reordered by more than 30 artists of various genres and nationalities.

This is the number of covers made by professional singers, and it doesn’t include those people who covered it at their performances of for the Internet.

Of course, not all the covers were successful, but most of them were quite beautiful. However, there is one that can be called the cutest and the most adorable cover of the song.

What is so special about this cover? Well, it is performed by a very cute little performer, and as she had no idea she was being caught, she was singing with her soul.

Meet Sophia, who has blown the Internet with her heart melting singing. The video was recorded by Sophia’s mom Brooke. She heard her daughter singing Dolly’s “Jolene” and decided to record her.

When Brooke posted on Facebook the video of her daughter’s spontaneous performance she wasn’t expecting it to become so popular and get more than 7 million views.

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