Touching video: The whole life of a woman in one short clip. Just to tears!


Very touching video! But life literally flies by every second!

Time is merciless and every minute of life should be appreciated. The eye does not have time to blink, as the years pass by.

Like your child was just born, and already goes to school, you do not have time to get used to it, and the children are already at the institute, and then you are already watching your grandchildren grow up.

And how does our life begin? From a little girl who plays with dolls, we turn into the status of a wife and mother. The existence of not only a single family, but also the entire humanity depends on women!

The creators of this video for a minute and a half have been able to show how fast life is.

Since the creation of a family, we have ensured its well-being, sometimes sacrificing ourselves. However, do not forget about your own desires.

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