Touching video: Son secretly spends his money to buy a house – then he presents a huge surprise to his parents!


LeHuan James is a popular YouTube blogger who has become famous for his witty humorous videos on various topics.

But before the glory fell on him, very few people knew the boy named LeHuan James.

Only thanks to his parents, he was able to become a real YouTube star. His parents have been married for 33 years, and LeHuan says that he owes a lot to them.

While the children were growing up in the family, the mother and father sacrificed everything in order that they needed nothing.

Having become an adult and independent, LeHuan decided to thank the parents for their many years of tireless work, and prepared a special gift for them.

As a little boy, he dreamed that he would one day buy his parents a big and beautiful house.

After a while he was able to achieve this. Tying the parents eyes, the proud son brought mom and dad to their new residential area.

The video shows that parents are greatly embarrassed, because they have no idea what is happening. When they come to the right house, LeHuan asks them to remove the bandages.

At first they think that he bought a new house for himself … but then they realize that this is a gift for them.

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