TOP 7 real ways to save


It is better to drink coffee at home, and do not immediately throw away things, but repair them yourself. These and many more tips for saving money in this article.

In order not to borrow money from a neighbor “before the salary” and regularly take the family to rest, I advise 7 ways to save.

Prepare your shopping list before heading to the store.

So you will clearly know what you want, and not be distracted by bright, but unnecessary products.

Turn off the light

This, of course, is not a cashback, money will not be returned to your card. But the electricity bill at the end of the month will come more pleasantly.

Launch the 10 second rule

If you are going to buy something unplanned, think 10 seconds – do you need this thing? The voice of reason very quickly prompts the correct answer.

Do not abuse coffee in coffee houses. Daily coffee before work is about 50-60 dollars a month. A monthly savings of $ 50 is approximately $ 800 a year. Just vacation money

Try to fix things yourself

A blockage in the bathroom is not always an occasion to call plumbing. YouTube video tutorials and Google forums can often help you solve your home problems on your own.

Monitor free events

They are sometimes no less interesting than entertainment with a paid entrance.

Use public transportation

Everything is simple: it is better not to go to the bakery by taxi. And if you have a car, you can leave it in the parking lot and go on the subway – you’ll get around traffic jams and save on gasoline.

The main thing – to approach wisely and to spending, and to save.