Toddlers cover themselves with butter to make pancakes. Funny!


OMG! They are so adorable!

Their cuteness wins my heart! It is just impossible to be angry with them! Absolutely adorable!

Kids are often associated with troubles. No, I don’t mean they are villains! They are just too curious. They need to see, touch and try everything they can reach and even if they can’t reach it. This is the way they learn the world around them.

Because of this 24/7 curiosity children may often do what their parents don’t like them to do. Of course, parents sometimes even get angry. But we all should remember that we all were kids. And I’m sure that we all brought lots of troubles to our parents too.

Anyway, children often do some silly things that make us laugh hard. Just like in the video below!

In this video two-year-old Mason, and 3-year-old Jaxson were caught by their mother Jodi just in the moment of a very hilarious crime. They both covered each other in butter from their head to toes!

Jodi had to deal with the laundry and left her sons just for some minutes. As we can see now, the boys decided not to get bored and used their mother’s absence for their buttery things.

Fortunately, Jodi didn’t start shouting at them and decided to take phone to make a video of this buttery mess. She also decided to find out the reason for her sons’ actions.

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