Toddler makes hilarious face while watching her dad eating. So funny!


This is too cute!

This video made me laugh all my heart! Absolutely hilarious!

On the one hand I feel sorry for this little baby, because she wants to try the food so much. But on the other hand I can’t help laughing!

There are quite many videos like this on the Internet, but this one is especially hilarious. I just can’t hold back my laughter every time I see the baby’s facial expression.

Kids are so exceptional. They often make our day better, and they put a smile on our face. Their clumsiness and natural simplicity always entertain us. They know how to melt even the coldest heart.

This video was initially uploaded on Facebook and it became a real sensation. It got more than 25 million views just in three weeks. And no wonder it quickly went viral, as the toddler in the video is really hilarious.

In a video that has been recently uploaded, we can see a daddy while eating his meal. Behind him there was an absolutely adorable toddler watching her dad eating.

The food looked so mouth-watering that the little cutie decided to taste it too. To let her father know it was time to share, the baby opened her mouth and at the same time she did very hilarious facial expressions.

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