This mesmerizing belly dance just blows everyone’s mind away


Wow! Absolutely mesmerizing!

This dance shows all her feminine nature; tenderness, passion, flexibility, sensitiveness and elegance.

I have always admired belly dancing and have always dreamed of learning to dance it myself. However, I never had a chance.

When I was a little kid my parents decided that sports dance was the best variant for my physical development and by body. No, I don’t say I didn’t like it. I really liked dancing and I dedicated more that 10 years to this beautiful activity.

Then there was college, university, work and now family. All my time is taken by very important to me things and people and the only thing I have is to watch and enjoy other beautiful dancers performing this incredible dance.

I don’t know what exactly, but there is something so magnetic, mesmerizing and attractive in this type of dance. Maybe the answer is in its origin. Oriental things have something really mysterious and spicy in their nature and it attracts many people.

Oriental dance or belly dance — is known, perhaps all over the world. Initially, the dance was watched by emirs. Amazing movements, incredible costumes — all this creates a special fascinating aura and gives the effect of oriental fairy tale.

Belly dancing is the magic power of the beauty of the female body and soul, one of the most fascinating spectacles that combines rhythm and plasticity, grace and sexuality.

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