This cheeky cat raiding the sweets drawer will make your day!


This video made my day!

This cat acts like a real professional! What an adorable furry criminal! Thanks for sharing this positive video! It put a big smile on my face.

This video is a “must watch” video especially for those who got used to call cats “stupid” animals. The feline from the video below shows how sneaky and smart cats can be, if they really want it.

So, the adorable furry burglar from the video is called Muffin. His name already says that he absolutely loves everything delicious and sweet.

That day the four-year-old Tabby obviously found himself hungry and, just like his owners do in such situation, he went to the kitchen to have a snack.

Cats are well-known for their perfect scent, so it wasn’t difficult for Muffin to smell where delicious sweets were hidden.

His owner, Sarah Taylor, held sweets in the kitchen drawer. She thought that there the sweets were safe. How wrong she was!

The sneaky cat learned how to open the kitchen drawers and got to Sarah’s stash of sweets.

His owner caught him just at the moment of his crime. When she saw him walking into the kitchen with a quite suspicious look, she already knew she had to take her camera.

That is how Sarah recorded him balancing on his hind legs, pouncing on the drawer handle, and using his front paws to open the cabinet. Real pro!

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