The parrot entertains the baby with songs, and he listens with a spellbound – very cute video!


The parrot sings a song to the baby, and the child, in turn, watches the bird with interest and listens attentively to it.

Another proof that pets can bring tangible benefits. For example, with the role of babysitters for babies, they cope very well.

This parrot sings a song so gently and friendly to the kid and entertains him that it is impossible not to be impressed by this touching picture!

The parrot behaves so well that the owners keep it outside the cage.

In the video frames, the parrot decided to babe the baby. He sat down on the pillow to the baby and began to sing a sweet song to him, diluting the “couplets” with funny clicks.

The child was a grateful listener. He listened to the sounds made by the bright bird and did not even think to cry.

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