The most charming kitten in the world surprised the Internet! So cute video!


A cat is a pet, one of the most popular “companion animals”. From a zoological point of view, the domestic cat is a mammal of the cat family of the predator.

Kitten – the common name of the cubs of any representative of the predatory mammals of the cat family. Kitten – the name of the cubs of some species of predatory mammals of the genus Cats.

In this video you will see the cutest kitten on the planet!

This video blew up the Internet, and this is understandable by the number of views! More than 5 million views !!! This is a lot!

“She looks so soft… When I feel down, I just look at cute videos like this, and it reminds me that even though there are bad things in this world, there are good things too!”, – wrote the user of social networks.

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