The girl wanted to record her dance on camera, but older brothers broke into the shot!


Well done, it came out very cool! How nice that the brothers support their little sister. Just look at this fiery dance.

A big family is very difficult, because all children need to be looked after, each one needs to find an approach and pay attention.

But, it’s worth noting that in a large family you will definitely not get bored, there simply will be no time.

Only you will stop the child who painted on the wallpaper, as you need to run and stop those who are going to bathe the cat.

Especially happy when children get along with each other and support in various undertakings.

This baby decided to dance her favorite dance. After a few seconds of the dance, her elder brothers joined her. Mom filmed all this action on video, and was not too lazy to upload it later to the Network. They appreciated the talents of the kids.

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