The girl struck all the members of the jury with her voice! Very beautiful performance of the song “Still Loving You”!


Children never cease to amaze with their talents and abilities. When Mashenka Panyukova came on the stage of “The Voice” and began to perform the immortal composition of the group “Scorpions”, the jury members gasped with delight!

This song is one of the most popular in the world, and everyone knows it! Also this song is very difficult vocally, and not every singer can perform it. But for Masha, it did not become a hindrance, she broke up all!

The jury members of this talent show appreciated Masha’s abilities and her voice.

Of course, they all turned and said “Yes” to Masha. And to hear words of praise and approval from professionals oh, how difficult, but not for Masha. How can you refuse such talent?

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