The boy is only 4 years old! You can listen to how he sings “I Will Always Love You”!


The immortal hit Whitney Houston “I Will Always Love You” everyone heard. There have already been many covers and rewrites of this song, but this kid won the hearts of millions.

Charming performance. One of the best covers that I have heard and many listeners will clearly agree with me. Because the video on the YouTube channel has almost 14 million views.

Few people know, but the original version of the composition was performed in 1974 by American country singer Dolly Parton. In 1992, the song was released as the soundtrack to the film “The Bodyguard” performed by Whitney Houston, and only then she gained unprecedented popularity around the world.

Today we will show you a very decent version of “I Will Always Love You”, only now I performed it (do not believe it!) 4-year-old boy.

There are still debates about whether to be born talent or talents need to be developed in yourself. Some tend to the second option, but on the other hand, many mothers of future geniuses say that when they were just waiting for replenishment in the family, they already wanted to go to exhibitions, listen to good music and so on. The hero of today’s material is Jurabek Juraev.

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