Talented girl praises the Lord with ‘Hallelujah’. Goose bumps!


Amazing performance!

I absolutely love this beautiful song and Lena’s powerful rendition touched my heart and gave me goose bumps!

“Hallelujah,” is a legendary song loved by millions of people. Perhaps it is one of the songs that have the biggest number of covers made by other artists.

Many singers and bands performed their versions of this magnificent song. And every performer put a piece of their own soul in it and every time it made this timeless song sound in a different way.

It doesn’t matter what changes artists do to this song, whether they change rhythm or melody, it always touches the hearts and souls.

Today we suggest you to listen to another version of this wonderful song. It was written in 2006 by Kelley Moon. The melody remains the same, but the lyrics are changed.

In the video below, this version is performed by an adorable talented young girl Lena Preslar. She performed it on Easter Day at church. Lena is only 9-year-old, but she absolutely managed to perform this powerful song.

At the beginning you can hear the piano playing. What a beautiful melody!

When Lena starts her rendition you don’t hear any nervousness in her voice. She sounds quite confident and her voice is so powerful. Wow! What a talented girl!

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