Sweet moment between brother and sister at preschool graduation will melt your heart!


That’s so sweet!

Such moment always warm my heart! This is what I really like to see in our world: love, kindness and care for each other.

This photo shows a proud older brother the moment he hugged his little sister after her preschool graduation ceremony.

The photo turned to be so touching and adorable that it immediately melted the hearts of millions of people who saw it on the Internet.

The adorable young lady who had the preschool graduation ceremony is called Charlee. She is only five-years-old and her beloved brother Derek is eight-years-old.

The ceremony wasn’t something really special, but when it was over Derek hugged his cap-and-gown clad little sister, gave her flowers and said that he was proud of her very much.

This absolutely sweet and pleasant action from the older brother totally melted Charlee’s heart, and she couldn’t restrain her emotions. So, she started to cry.

Children don’t usually tend to be quite sentimental that is why the boy’s words and actions as well as his sister’s reaction seem so heartwarming.

Charlee and Derek are very close. They are a little sister and a big brother in all the senses. Derek is always very attentive and caring with his sister.

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