Stunning albino twins are taking the modeling industry by storm


Unreal beauty!

They are so unbelievable… I would say, even unnatural, but absolutely mesmerizing!

Sisters Lara and Mara Bavar do not look like other supermodels. They are far different from others and this is their uniqueness. They are so far from the fashion standards that they themselves have become a new center of attraction. The sisters are albino twins from the Brazilian São Paulo and they have already signed contracts with Nike, Insanis and Bazaar Kids.

11-year-old girls are classic albinos. Formally they belong to the racial group of Negroids, since their parents are from Guinea-Bissau in West Africa. However, there are no any pigments in their skin or hair, so they are whiter than an empty canvas.

In 2016, the girls attracted a professional photographer Vinicia Terranova. She decided to make a project called “Flores Rares”, which in Portuguese means “Rare flowers”. And albino-twins became the center of that project.

The photographer’s aim was to show that beauty can be diverse and multifaceted. However, the sisters were immediately noticed many modeling agencies. Such a rare appearance is unique, and everyone wanted to get it. That is how the life of twins has changed dramatically.

But wait! There are other albinos, why there is so much attention only to these two?

Meet Sheila, 13-year-old Mary and Lara’s sister. She does not have any genetic defects; just a beautiful dark-skinned teenage girl, but on her contrast, twins look especially spectacular. Instagram account of this scored thousands of subscribers just trio in a few weeks.

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