Soldier on Leave Surprises his 6 Children !!!!


His wife should be praised too, she’s handling 6 kids on her own Hands up for the wive for being alone with 6 children. I have just one and it’s tough… 🙂 Lovely family you have! Don’t know why I watch these. Always makes me cry like a baby I wore my onion repellant goggles and the onions still won the battle In tears after watching this…..and then finding out the dad’s visit is only for 2 weeks!  Wow………really puts things into perspective for those of us who don’t have to see our loved ones leave.    So emotional – Bless all these families.

Why can’t we have peace in the world? Look at this happy faces. That baby in the blue made him cry she didn’t even notice him first off it’s so foreign to her to be around him thank you so much for your service sir!I hope they made the best of the two weeks he was home. I hope dad realizes how lucky he is to have kids who love him so much and vice versa. Six Kids Wow!!

The older girl, the principal should have called her to the office over the intercom. When she came into the outer office, he should have said ,

I have to talk to you about something very important step into my office”. When he opens the door to his office, her dad is standing on the other side.

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