Sleepy puppy falls asleep on baby. Absolutely cute!


What a heartwarming scene!

That is exactly what I needed for the successful beginning of my day! Thanks a lot for these positive emotions!

What can I say about puppies? They are extremely cute and adorable. They are also often quite clumsy and this makes them so funny.

Just like human little babies, pups absolutely love sleeping, and they do it almost the whole day. One moment they are playing, and another moment they suddenly fall asleep.

There are lots of videos showing this heartwarming moment. This video combines a sleeping baby and an adorable puppy falling asleep. What really makes this video even cuter is that they are sleeping just side by side.

Many scientists claim and there have already been done lots of researches that dogs have a very positive influence on children. And when children are growing up side by side with a dog, it positively influences their physical and psychological development.

Children that are grown up with pooches turn to be more compassionate, caring and loyal. Pets bring children lots of joy, and they teach kids how to enjoy life and have fun.

With years the bond between a dog and a child just grows and becomes stronger. And children get the understanding of some important values of the life.

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