Shy schoolgirl amazed everyone at America’s Got Talent Show! Incredible perfomance!


A schoolgirl from the UK came on the scene, nervous and burning with embarrassment, but with the first chords of the music turned into a real rock star.

As soon as the music subsided, Courtney again became a shy teenager.

The extraordinary performance of the 13-year-old schoolgirl impressed the judges of the television project so much that one of them – Canadian actor and TV presenter Howie Mender – immediately sent Courtney to the final by pressing the “golden button”. The audience applauded the girl for a long time.

Video with the performance of the schoolgirl is actively distributed in social networks. Only on the page of the leading show, the American model Tyra Banks, it gained 50 million views.

I keep coming back to watch. I must have seen this literally over 1000 times. Really! Each time I see something else in all the judges and the audience. They are so happy for her.

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