See how this girl plays the drums! This video has millions of views!


The baby with the beautiful name of Edouarda Hankdeyn Baterista became a real heroine of our publication thanks to her incredible talent, which is the ability to play the drums better than many adults. The girl just turned five and is almost not visible because of the massive drum set, but she plays so well that no one doubts that Edward has a real talent.

She began to master the sophisticated percussion instrument only a year ago. At this time, parents noticed that their daughter has a great sense of rhythm. Each composition performed by her can be considered a true masterpiece.

Experts know that playing drums requires remarkable physical strength and endurance. Oddly enough, but this little girl can absolutely successfully cope with such a challenge.

A girl was born and raised in Brazil. Each composition performed by her always becomes very bright and lively, thanks to the amazing natural gift of the Bateristas.

Listen to her performance can be for a long period of time. Experts in one voice say that a talented girl can become a famous musician and make just a great career. After all, today she is showing us just incredible abilities.

Just a few hours a little resident of Brazil has become a star of the Internet. And all this is solely due to the fact that in the video she is very cleverly coping with her drummer role, ahead of many adult performers.

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