Rescued puppy becomes best friend for an autistic boy. So touching!


This is so heartwarming!

This story of an autistic boy and his four-legged friend is absolutely breath-taking and tear-jerking!

I will never get tired of saying how amazing dos are. They are absolutely incredible creatures. I really think that they were sent to our world to make our life better.

There exists a strong belief that pit bulls are very dangerous and angry dogs. Some people even call them “monsters”. Personally, I think that no matter what breed a dog is, if it is well-educated by its owner, it will be kind and caring.

The video below is excellent to watch for those who still consider this breed of dogs dangerous. You will see how kind and loyal these dogs can be. I’m sure that this story will absolutely melt your heart.

Johnny is an adorable boy, who was diagnosed with autism. He suffers from anxiety and nervousness. He doesn’t like unknown people and has big problems communicating with someone not from his family.

All the therapies Jonny’s family tried in order to help him ever had any positive results.

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