Positive video: donkey having time of his life with his new ball goes viral!


So cute! The happiest donkey I have ever seen!

Thank you for the video. That was the most adorable thing I have seen in a while. Pure happiness!

Who said that donkeys don’t like having fun?! They do! And this video proves it 100%.

I believe that all animals like playing and having fun. They just need to find a proper entertainment and toys for themselves.

As I have already noticed, there is one toy that is very popular among children and animals too. Such simple thing like a ball can really bring lots of joy to everyone who plays with it.

Just think… Dogs like playing catch. Cats like running around with a ball too. And as this video shows, donkeys also like having fun with a ball.

The only problem that can appear is that they need a big and strong ball.

When I saw the title of the video, I, honestly, wasn’t expecting that this adorable donkey would enjoy his playing so much. It was a pure joy and delight to watch how this cutie was running here and there with the ball.

In fact, many researches show that watching positive videos is very useful and good for your health. So, don’t miss the opportunity to make your day brighter and laugh heartily.

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