Overly excited dog makes toddler laugh hard! The cutest thing ever!


OMG! Can’t stop laughing!

Thanks a lot for sharing this super positive video! I’m cuteness overloaded and I got the full charge of positive.

I have always thought that having a dog as a pet at home is absolutely great, especially where there are kids.

Dogs and children have some special relationship that we, adults, don’t always have. Dogs are great friends, excellent protectors, funny animators and nice nannies. That is why I really hope that one day my husband will agree to take a dog for our son.

Having a dog, children learn how to take care of someone else and how to be responsible for others. And with four-legged friends children learn how to have real fun.

The video below shows an absolutely adorable Shetland sheepdog Pumpkin. Pumpkin has been a very important member of a family for almost ten years. The family took their pooch home long time before they decided to have a child.

This couple was quite anxious how their beloved dog would meet their baby. But everything went great and now these two are good friends and often have fun together.

This video was taken by the baby’s mother. Once she heard her son squealing with laughter, and she went to check what was going on. The scene she saw was so adorable that she immediately took her phone to take a video.

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