My heart melted when this tiny Chihuahua howled for the first time!


What a little cutie!

This puppy made my day! It is so adorable! Really… It might be the cutest puppy I have ever seen!

Watching this little four-legged friend made me feel a bit sad, because it was there alone without its mom, and I really felt like hugging it. It is so tiny that I want to protect it from everything and make it feel safe and happy.

There are few things that can melt my heart as much as babies, kittens and puppies can. Just to say that they’re cute and adorable is to say nothing.

Every time I see these cutie pies I can’t stop smiling. So, when I saw the title of the video I really expected to see something cute but I didn’t expect it to be SO cute.

When puppies try to howl for the first time it is almost as adorable as when babies try to say their first words. It sounds really hilarious.

Just look at this tiny Chihuahua puppy! Doesn’t it melt your heart? Doesn’t it make you smile? As for me, this pup is a real heart melter!

Little pooch doesn’t like being alone in its cage and it is calling anyone to come to play. But its howling turns to be somehow awkward and funny.

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