My experience in brokerage: advice for more profit!


A good broker always makes big and stable profits. But, as in any other craft, the work of a broker requires theoretical knowledge and perseverance.

Many people think that newcomers in this field need to invest a lot of money. But this is not the case: invest in and be careful with your budget.

Main secret: Spend your time with other people! Only in this way you will receive a good return on your investment.
ypically, clients are not so much worried about their mortgage as they are at home ownership costs. Mortgages for clients are a means. Therefore, selling a mortgage is always more difficult and time consuming.

Try to communicate with clients, build good relationships with them, and understand needs. Use such methods as clients, endorsers and conversation. This does not mean to hide your business from people. You should not hide it. But, first of all, show your interest in people you work with as well as in their success.
But how to put the theory into practice?

I have quite a lot of experience in the field of brokerage. Now I will tell you how everything works in this profession. I will give you some useful tips and life hacks on how to quickly start making a profit.
In 2011, most of us used a social network like Twitter to chat with strangers. Every day I resolved to have 3 important connections via Twitter. My daily routine was to find the #YQR hashtag to know those who needed anything.

One fine evening I received a message “I’m not acquainted with #YQR and I need to purchase Italian syrups for my coffee #needhelp.” And what do you think I did? My advice was to write to Kyle at Ambassador and then attached a Google map showing the recommended account. She was very thankful to me and, finally, the deal was was a success in half a year.

The ability to communicate with people can be boldly called a separate art.
The main mistake of all brokers (including me) is to set a goal to sell a mortgage, rather than lend a helping hand to a client.
Naturally, with this approach no one wanted to make a deal with me. All I needed was to change something immediately.

There are three questions that every self-respecting broker should think about:

1) What can I do to devote more time to customers?

2) How do I attract new clients?

3) What help and support can I provide them?

If you stick to my advice, then be sure to achieve success!

Wish you to reach great potential in your business, good income and more clients!!!