Millions of people have fallen in love with this puppy playing on trampoline


I’m in love with this pup!

This is surely the cutest thing I have lately seen on the Internet! I really love his acrobatics!

It is a normal thing that when you have a dog you buy various treats, toys and even clothes for it. But have you ever thought about buying your dog a trampoline?

I’m sure that after Lexee Tabbutt posted this video showing her adorable puppy having fun on a trampoline many dog owners had the idea to get one for their pooch too.

Lexee has recently taken an incredibly beautiful and cute Old English Bulldog Leroy. This puppy has won the hearts of everyone he met on his way. He looks really sweet with his white-tipped paws.

However, the adorable look isn’t the only thing that attracts people so much. Leroy is a very active and energetic puppy. He always tries to do something and it is often really hilarious.

This short video was watched over 40 million times. Wow! We can surely say that now Leroy is a real Internet star.

One week before the video was taken Lexee had bought Leroy a trampoline. The puppy liked it so much that since that time he was trying to do a flip.

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