Man plays the piano for his rescue cats and they love it!


So cute! They all are absolutely adorable!

They have found each other and their bond is just incredible! They know how to have fun together, and they completely enjoy it.

I have two cats at home, but I don’t have any musical instrument to play for them. Instead, they like playing hide-and-seek with me, and they always find me. How do they do that?

It is already a well-known fact that music is so powerful that it can unite different generations, nations and religions. Now we can all see that music can also unite different species, humans and animals.

Music is a universal language clear to everyone. Sometimes people use music instead of words to tell about their feelings. And it is really incredible when you have someone you can share your favorite musical masterpiece with.

The video below shows very adorable friends who have found a common language. And this language is music.

Sarper Duman, this is the name of the man from the video below, has a very kind heart. He is absolutely keen on cats and what is more, he really does a lot for them.

Duman doesn’t buy expensive breeds of cats just to keep them at home. He rescues these animals from the streets of Istanbul to give them another life, the life with love, care and home.

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