Little girl has a hilarious argument with dad about how to count to five


They made my day!

What an adorable video to start your day with! I absolutely love her sassy personality! She already knows how to argue about nothing! Real woman!

When daddy pushed the little girl over at the end I absolutely lost it! Now parents know who is going to be the main in their family.

Many parents pay special attention to their children’s versatile development. They try not only to teach them some established facts, but also how to think free. Personally, I think that it is very important and useful.

It is really great when children have their own point of view and vision of the situation, and know how to express it. Such free-thinking can help them in the future career.

When someone points to an object most people see only this object and only few sees the object and the general scene around it.

Little children have to go through a long way of learning and discovering before they get at least a bit of understanding how everything around works. But sometimes they turn to see well-known to us things in another way. And it turns to be absolutely unusual and fresh for us, adults.

For example, do you know how to count to 5? I’m sure that after my question most of you feel confused because you have always thought that there is only one variant of counting.

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