Little dancer does what she likes despite amputation of her leg


Wow! What a strong and really talented girl! She is so inspiring! You don’t need two legs if you have so strong spirit!

Like many little girls, Tessa Puma from Northfield (Ohio, USA) loves dancing. Moreover, she does it pretty well.

One day Tessa’s mom took her to the dancing studio. There the girl found lots of new friends and fell in love with dancing. She wanted to dance and dreamt about concerts and bright scene.

However, at the age of 6, a misfortune happened to little Tessa. One day she got ill and her parents at first mistakenly considered her illness as the flu.

Later, it turned out that streptococcus got into the girl’s bloodstream, causing necrotizing fasciitis. The infection has spread along the left side of Tessa’s body, from the ankle to the chest. The girl’s condition was very serious.

Doctors believed that the chances for survival of the little patient were not too great, but the treatment and bravery of the girl did their job.

Tessa’s life was saved by amputating her left leg and implanting skin grafts instead of her own skin, covered with a deadly infection.

Now, this little girl had to learn to live with only one leg. As soon as Tessa received her first prosthesis, she not only quickly learned to walk, but also returned to her favorite dance studio. She wanted to return to her previous life.

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