Little boy caught sneaking food while he’s supposed to be praying. So funny!


I love this little one! So cute!

It seemed to be so hard for him to wait. He made me laugh hard. Thanks for making my day!

For many families all over the world it is common to pray before they start their dinner.

In some families it is always a father who takes the speech, while in others they take turns to say what they are thankful for. But for all families it is a very important ritual.

In such families parent usually try to make their children used to this important moment before eating as early as it is possible.

I’m sure that the adorable boy from the video below has also a lot to be thankful for, but his hunger turned to be too strong to listen to the pray till the end.

Perhaps this cutie has some problems with patience, and he was caught by his parents just during his adorable cheating. Fortunately, his parents had their phones with them, so that they managed to record this video.

I don’t know whether the prayer was too long, or the food smelled too delicious, but now we can all see the hilarious result.

This hilarious video will immediately make you laugh till your tummy pains.

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