Little boy can’t get enough of his dad’s beatboxing. So cute!


Absolutely positive!

This baby surely has got a rhythm! I really like how the little cutie pie moves his head to the rhythm while his daddy is beat boxing.

If you need something to quickly improve your mood then this video is just exactly what you need.

Personally, I use this video to make me smile and forget about all the trouble or after a difficult day.

It is obvious that little Elijah got acquainted with music the first days of his life. He gets so emotional when he hears his dad beat boxing and it makes his so happy and smiling.

I like how the boy uses some gestures to make his dad continue his beat every time he stops. This is one of the most adorable daddy-son videos I have watched. So great they have this love for music in common.

This video immediately went viral the moment it was published on Facebook by Bronkar, Elijah’s dad.

On the video Elijah is just 19-months-old. He can’t properly talk to his parents, but music turns to be the language they all understand very well.

Elijah’s parents are absolutely keen on music and it is very important for them that their son loves it too. As they say, they feel very happy that their little boy enjoys music as much as they both do.

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