This Girl Texted A Photo Of Her Dress To A Wrong Number – And Unexpectedly Changed A Family’s Life!


What a lovely story! Beautiful story!!!!!!!! God bless ypu all❤???????????????????? The onion cutting is real ???????? all these poor babies hurting with cancer The LORD works in mysterious ways ????

Spread the love and I think these soul called accidents are actually meant to be. Great something good came out of it.???????? The beauty of social media gone good yet it’s heartbreaking that in America you have to pay for medical treatment or die. I believe no child should not or have any type cancer or any diseases. It really is heartbreaking for their families. A developed country can’t provide healthcare for children. The majority has to depend on gofundme. Sad!

God switched the numbers!!! ???????? God is Good! ????????

All people have a kind side, even the worst people in the worst places, when confronted with kindness, love, and understanding can be kind. We are not as different from each other as the media and governments leads people to believe. Russians, Syrians, Liberians, Americans, people from every walk of life have on thing in common, they all love something, therefor are capable of loving each other if only we confronted with love instead of with violence and aggression. There is good all over the world, not just in small pockets, whole Countries and Continents have gotten where they are because of love, nothing else, and the sooner we open our eyes, our minds, and our hearts, the sooner everyone can live in peace.

Our governments and media would have us in the middle of another world war if they had it their way, because they don’t die and they get rich from it, enough is enough, love is the only way.

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