5-year-old talented drummer covers Van Halen’s “Jump”. Wow!


She is amazing! Absolutely talented!

I’m totally blown away with her emotional and passionate performance. She is very cute and really talented. I wish her all the best in her music future.

Modern children simply amaze with their intellectual abilities and how quickly they can learn new and often complicated things! They are really incredible.

If you have any questions about the operation of your computer or smartphone, even a seven-year-old child will know the answer to your problem. Where does this genius come from? Children become more intelligent and smarter with each generation. The baby from the video will just blow your mind away!

Being only 5-years-old, she is already able to do things that many people aren’t able to do even once in their life. I only have a big respect for her parents who did everything they really could to bring up such a talented little angel. And I also want to thank them for what we can see.

Few people can boast of a talent for playing drums. Can you play the drums as well as Eduarda can? Could you play any musical instrument as well at her age?

This activity requires a lot of physical training! But none difficulties could stop this girl. Just look at how she handles the drumsticks. I can only imagine what level she’ll reach if she continues to practice this way.

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