It touches immensely: a charming video of a baby and a cat!


Do you have a pet that is equally loved by everyone in house?

Then this video, won the hearts of even inveterate animal haters, just for you!

Videos with babies and animals always look win-win: both those are charming and natural.

But this video deserves a real prize at the competition of short films! Charming toddler and gorgeous fluffy cat made friends so much that they even share a tasty loaf.

Just look how cute and serious the baby offers its pet a yummy meal, which it could keep only for itself.

The cat is not less educated and is not going to completely take away the delicacy. And no quarrels – why not the ideal education of the ability to be friends?

If you still doubt whether to keep an animal in the house after the birth of a child, then doubts will disappear by themselves!

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