How to save a lot of money on food: my practical and proven tips!


How to save a lot of money on food: my practical and proven tips!

Card or cash?

Some will categorically advise you to use only the card when making payments at the checkout. Others say cash is the only right choice. I will say: the matter is self-control.

It was a challenge for me – to buy food for exactly $ 2 a day. Therefore, the desire to cheat and spend a little more did not arise.

If you find it difficult to restrain yourself, then it is better to use cash: take with you exactly as much as you can spend.

Keep checks

Not just to keep track of your spending.

Checks helped me remember that there were days when I spent much less and was full and satisfied. This also spurs excitement and makes you try to save some more. And a little bit more.

Learn to cook

For some, a test of two dollars a day will be unrealistic, because for this amount it is almost impossible to eat convenience foods, there are restaurants and cafes. In my experience, you can save some of this money during the week to go out with friends to a coffee shop or pastry shop and eat something tasty. But in general, you can’t count on ready-made food.

Need to learn how to cook.

For little money it’s quite possible to cook something tasty, nutritious and even unusual. If you do not know what you can do with a chicken leg or a head of cabbage, you must urgently change this or abandon attempts to save on food. Otherwise, you will switch to unhealthy nutrition, and this will soon make itself felt unpleasant consequences.

Learn to say no

This skill follows logically from the previous paragraph. When I prepared my budget and understood that it would be necessary to moderate my desires and see how this affects the budget, it was very important to plan only one “risk”. Otherwise, it would have grown into indulging in its own sudden impulses and, most likely, would have led to the failure of the test.

I had to immediately make it a rule: we need to deal with pressure from the outside. After all, every Friday (Saturday, Sunday) you will be offered to spend the evening in the company or just take a walk.

Coming to a bar and ordering one glass of juice is a bit strange. It’s even stranger to explain to everyone in the company that you cannot afford a big check.

The best option is to plan your “outings” in advance, try to persuade your friends to find an economical way of spending time, and the rest – to deny yourself entertainment that requires significant costs.

And one more thing: always take a bag with you to the supermarket. 🙂