How to make money on your hobby? 7 tips!


7 of my practical tips for making money in my own hobby.

Making money doing what you love is a tempting goal. Especially if this earnings will be significant. A positive result for the start will be the opportunity to earn at least some amount of money, thanks to doing what you love.

Tip # 1. Treat your hobby as a serious matter. Of course, sometimes you don’t really want to transfer your favorite pastime to “commercial footing,” but if you treat your business as a simple hobby, then you won’t achieve much from a hobby.

If you like to write novels – do not be afraid to set yourself the maximum tasks, contact all kinds of publishers, find out the terms of cooperation, sign the contract that is most favorable to you. Otherwise, you risk becoming a regular Internet graphomaniac.

Tip number 2. Evaluate yourself highly. Do not be shy to appreciate your work. For example, you are engaged in the manufacture of hand-made handicrafts and evaluate the result of your work, comparing with similar products of large factories.

As a result, the craft you spent about a week selling for a very modest amount. But factories can produce their goods in tens of thousands, and you only get one piece a week. Therefore, do not hesitate to rate manual labor highly, otherwise a hobby will not feed you.

Tip number 3. Do original things. And again, for example, from the previous tip. You create some kind of product that produces a factory or factory. Set a price much higher, because somehow you need to live on the income from your hobby. But why will you buy goods that can be purchased at a store much cheaper? That is why it is advisable to do things different from those on the market. Of course, there is a risk that the idea will not be understood.

But risk is a noble cause, if successful, you can create a new direction in your field of activity.

Tip number 4. Do your favorite thing with the soul. And how else can you do your hobby? It seems that the remark is empty, however, when the commercial component of your activity is significant, it may be tempting to make large volumes of products or save on quality.

Maybe just start treating your favorite pastime as a duty. Your hobby in this way can turn into a dull job.

Tip number 5. Give your customers gifts. No matter what activity you do, always try to find the opportunity to do something for free for your customers. If the industry is manufacturing, then everything is clear – give small trinkets together with a relatively large purchase.

Even if you teach dancing, martial arts or conduct private excursions, try to do something for your clients that are not part of the compulsory program.

Joyful customers will respond positively about your activities and you will have more customers.

Tip number 6. Try yourself in various fields. It so happens that your hobby cannot be put on a “commercial footing”. Then you should not focus on this activity, perhaps other activities, more profitable, will also seem interesting to you.

Tip number 7. Do charity work. No unnecessary comments. You can not believe in any karma, but nevertheless, a good deed usually attracts all sorts of pleasant bonuses in life. Do not hesitate to donate part of the money earned for a good deed.