How to make money from your website: 5 ways to make money on the Internet


With the penetration of the Internet, an increasing number of people want to create their own Internet project, which will provide not only moral satisfaction and professional growth, but also will provide long-awaited material freedom.

In this article I will talk about the methods of earning money that I know on Internet sites and blogs. I hope my information helps you earn more on the World Wide Web.

Naturally, in one article it is very difficult to talk about all the possible ways to make money on the Internet, especially since a lot depends on the project itself, its subject and functionality. I’ll tell you about fairly universal methods of monetization, which will suit many owners of sites and blogs.

The first way. All systems work on the same principle – money is accrued for actual clicks on advertisements that the site owner (hereinafter referred to as the webmaster) places on his site. The amount of earnings depends on the traffic to the site and the location of the ad units.

The second way. Banner advertising
For large Internet sites, banner advertising is almost the main source of income. Sales are made either directly to advertisers, or through advertising agencies. Payment is usually made by bank transfer for the actual display of banners. To attract the attention of advertising agencies that agree to sell banner ads on your site, you must have an average daily traffic of 1,000 to 2,000 visitors per day.

Naturally, for owners of small sites or blogs, working with agencies is not possible, however, fortunately, there are ways to make money on banners and without the help of third-party organizations.

The third way. Teaser advertisement
A very good source of income, especially for entertainment sites, can be teaser advertising – small graphic images combined with text.

Such an advertisement contains more information than a graphic banner or text ad taken separately. Naturally, teaser advertising attracts the attention of visitors well and, accordingly, can have good traffic monetization indicators.

There are many teaser networks for various types of traffic, but I will draw your attention to the teaser systems that I really tested.

AdLabs MediaNet is a universal teaser network that is suitable for almost any traffic.

BodyClick and TeaserBox are teaser networks that are more suitable for entertainment or women’s sites.

The principle of operation in each system is the same: after registration in the system, you need to add a site and generate codes for ad units. After the site is moderated, you can post teaser blocks.

The fourth way. Selling Links
With the popularity of search engines, such direction as search engine optimization is actively growing and developing. a set of measures aimed at improving the position of a particular site in the search engines. An integral part of search engine promotion is the purchase of links from other sites to your site.

Links can be purchased by contacting each specific site individually, or you can use the services of link exchanges, which have begun to appear recently.

Being a good helper for optimizers, exchanges are at the same time a great way to make money for website owners. Many webmasters earn good money by selling links from their sites.

The fifth way. Article posting
Another way to make money on the site can be paid placement of articles in which links to other sites are placed as naturally as possible.

I am sure that from the methods of earning I have listed on a website or blog, you can choose the most suitable monetization options for yourself. I wish you all good earnings and financial independence!